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After 41 years of coaching track and field athletes and events, including 33 years of officiating and starting track and field Events, 15 years of competing in track And field and 8 Years of timing experience with FinishLynx Systems, I have come full circle and realized it was time to start my own full service Track and Field Meet Timing Business

- Bernard Stephens


We use a multi-computer system integrating HyTek Meet Manager and FinishLynx systems. Timing’s Everything provides support for all local High Schools, Colleges, and Clubs, throughout the North Coast Section, and greater Bay Area. We can provide training for both HyTek Meet Manager, and FinishLynx Timing systems.

Why TimingsEverything?

The reason is baked in our Title. Timing is truly a key factor in the success of endeavor. Our goal is to provide results quickly and accurately for the meets we service, as well as assist in making the presentation of the meet as smooth and professional as possible.


Timing's Everything pledges to you and your venue the best service and experience achievable in today’s modern Track And Field FAT Timing systems to achieve the best and most consistent outcome.


TimingsEverything utilizes the FinishLynx Digital Line Scan Photo Finish Timing System, accompanied by the FinishLynx IdentiLynx Full Frame Time Synchronized Camera.


We supply database operation and integration with Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager to the FinishLynx Timing System.


We use FinishLynx fully-automatic timing equipment and Hy-Tek meet management software.


We can supply both wired and wireless networking as needed. This allows for maximum flexibility in setting up networked timing clerking and reporting computers for coaches athletes and fans.


We can supply Full Duplex wireless communication devices, this allows for communication between Clerk & Bullpen, Finishline, Press-box, FinishLynx Timing system, and Meet Director.


(IAAF rule) wind gauges are integrated and hardwired directly or wireless into the Lynx our implementation of the timing system. Wind gauges are available for jumps.


We strive for under 60 Sec for race results after the conclusion of an event.

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